Music producer & dj



DJ and producer of Roses in Spain. Beginning to enter the world of music around 2010 as a DJ and it was not until 2012 that begins to producing.

In the early years as a DJ, performing at private birthday parties, carnivals, among others. And it was not until 2011 that he began his first residency in the summer evenings in a bar in organizing parties with renowned brands such as Malibu, Beefeter or Havana Club. The following year, after the success of last year, repeating the same sign. The same summer residence in another pub began to combine the two holidays. Association repeated the following summer. And it was not until 2013 that let Roses know new places, have the opportunity to act in a trendy festival in the country. 2014 has the opportunity to act Telecogresca. In sharing the stage with Dave Clarke, Joan Reyes, Henry Mendez, Monday Nasty, Nasty Bass, Luka Caro, Ruben Rider and other artists. In 2012 began studying The Advanced Music and Sound Diploma in Eumes university. 2015 ends The Advanced Music and Sound Diploma. In 2016 stars to play at the best pub of Girona in Sikim and stars one of the best summer parties of this pub Mamones.

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